VirES capabilities#

VirES provides more than just access to data. Some operations can be peformed on the data in-situ on the server side before being delivered to you.

Data subsetting/filtering
Select data satisfying given conditions (e.g. searching a geographical range; selecting by quality flags)
Data resampling
Time series can be resampled to a given cadence
See sampling_step option in viresclient.SwarmRequest.set_products()
Querying information about data
Geomagnetic model evaluation
Forwards evaluation of magnetic field models when a magnetic dataset is selected (e.g. MAGx_LR). For more detail, see Geomagnetic model handling.
Identifying conjunctions between spacecraft
Synchronous and asynchronous processing

When using viresclient.SwarmRequest.get_between() with small requests, change the default of asynchronous=True to asynchronous=False to process faster (no progress bar). By default, jobs are processed asynchronously (i.e. entered into a queue) which is appropriate for longer requests. You can only have two asynchronous jobs running at one time.

Uploading data
Data of certain formats can be uploaded to the server and then manipulated like existing datasets (available privately within your account)