This is the documentation for the viresclient Python package. This is a tool which connects to a VirES server through the WPS interface and handles product requests and downloads. This enables easy access to ESA’s Swarm mission data and models. For enquiries or help, please email or raise an issue on GitHub

Some links where you can read more about VirES:

viresclient is installed on the “Virtual Research Environment” (VRE), which is a managed Jupyter-based system provided by ESA:

Data can be accessed from the server as CSV or CDF files and saved to disk, or loaded directly into Python objects pandas.DataFrame, or xarray.Dataset.

cdflib is used to read CDF files.

The project is on GitHub at - please feel free to contribute with any code/suggestions/comments.

A repository of example notebooks can be found at We welcome contribution of notebooks to this repository that show some short analyses or generating useful figures. It can be hard to remember or figure how do things (e.g. remembering Swarm product names; understanding the VirES “language” and what is possible; making certain kinds of figures with various libraries) so these notebooks are meant to act as recipes we can follow, to demonstrate code that can be copied and adapted for other purposes.

How to acknowledge VirES

You can reference viresclient directly using the DOI of our zenodo record. VirES uses data from a number of different sources so please also acknowledge these appropriately.