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pip install viresclient

viresclient is a Python package which connects to a VirES server through the WPS interface and handles product requests and downloads. This enables easy access to ESA’s Swarm mission data and models. This service is provided for ESA by EOX. For enquiries about the service and problems with accessing your account, please email For help with usage, please email or raise an issue on GitHub.

Data and models are processed on demand on the server - a combination of measurements from any time interval can be accessed. These are the same data that can be accessed by the VirES GUI. viresclient handles the returned data to allow direct loading as a single pandas.DataFrame, or xarray.Dataset.

from viresclient import SwarmRequest

# Set up connection with server
request = SwarmRequest()
# Set collection to use
# - See
# Set mix of products to fetch:
#  measurements (variables from the given collection)
#  models (magnetic model predictions at spacecraft sampling points)
#  auxiliaries (variables available with any collection)
# Optionally set a sampling rate different from the original data
    measurements=["F", "B_NEC"],
    auxiliaries=["QDLat", "QDLon"],
# Fetch data from a given time interval
# - Specify times as ISO-8601 strings or Python datetime
data = request.get_between(
# Load the data as an xarray.Dataset
ds = data.as_xarray()
Dimensions:           (NEC: 3, Timestamp: 360)
* Timestamp         (Timestamp) datetime64[ns] 2014-01-01 ... 2014-01-01T00:59:50
Dimensions without coordinates: NEC
Data variables:
  Spacecraft        (Timestamp) <U1 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ... 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A'
  Latitude          (Timestamp) float64 -1.229 -1.863 -2.496 ... 48.14 48.77
  Longitude         (Timestamp) float64 -14.12 -14.13 -14.15 ... 153.6 153.6
  Radius            (Timestamp) float64 6.878e+06 6.878e+06 ... 6.868e+06
  F                 (Timestamp) float64 2.287e+04 2.281e+04 ... 4.021e+04
  F_CHAOS-Core      (Timestamp) float64 2.287e+04 2.282e+04 ... 4.02e+04
  B_NEC             (Timestamp, NEC) float64 2.01e+04 -4.126e+03 ... 3.558e+04
  B_NEC_CHAOS-Core  (Timestamp, NEC) float64 2.011e+04 ... 3.557e+04
  QDLat             (Timestamp) float64 -11.99 -12.6 -13.2 ... 41.59 42.25
  QDLon             (Timestamp) float64 58.02 57.86 57.71 ... -135.9 -136.0
  Sources:         ['SW_OPER_MAGA_LR_1B_20140101T000000_20140101T235959_050...
  MagneticModels:  ["CHAOS-Core = 'CHAOS-Core'(max_degree=20,min_degree=1)"]
  RangeFilters:    []

viresclient is installed on the “Virtual Research Environment” (VRE), which is a managed Jupyter-based system provided for ESA by EOX. The service is free and open to all. See “Swarm Notebooks” for how-to guides with Swarm data and guidance in using the VRE.

How to acknowledge VirES¶

You can reference viresclient directly using the DOI of our zenodo record. VirES uses data from a number of different sources so please also acknowledge these appropriately.